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Working in occupied spaces – A science-based method has been developed by H C Fennell Consulting to prevent occupant exposure for those situations where occupant evacuation is not practical, thus making SPF work in areas adjacent to occupied spaces possible. Click here to learn more…

Special Hurricane repairs – How to use spray foam in buildings with brick and stone facades click here! Or, go directly to the PowerPoint program – The Inside-out method

If you are considering the use of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) in your home or your next commercial building project, but you don’t know which type of foam to select or who should install it, and you are wondering which building science issues you need to worry about, contact Henri for the assurance that your project will be successful and perform beyond your needs and expectations.  The increase in the use of spray foam in construction has led to a growing need for experienced professionals to support owners and design professionals who want to implement this high-performance building enclosure material.  As an architect with over 40 years of experience in the design and installation of polyurethane foam, Mr. Henri Fennell provides design support, project planning, building enclosure and foam commissioning and diagnostic services to the construction industry.  His unique combination of experience in the design, manufacturing, and installation of polyurethane foam of all types in high-performance, high-profile, and unique applications allows him to offer support for any project that includes foam intended to provide insulation, air and vapor control, structure, and/or water management.   As an architect and CSI/CDT who has worked on thousands of spray foam projects, he can develop detailing and specifications for the appropriate foam materials for any combination of the building enclosure functions required for residential and commercial projects alike.

Whether you are an architect, facilities manager, or a home owner, now there is a way to answer all of the questions you may have about foam insulation from a single, unbiased source.  H C Fennell Consulting works closely with industry suppliers, trade organizations, and the building science community to provide clients with up to date information about the foam industry and best-practice detailing, specifications, quality assurance protocols, and applications.