Consulting Services For Owners and Building Operators

If you would like help you with your building envelope remediation, upgrade, or new construction project, H.C. Fennell Consulting can provide the following support services:

1. Perform plan and specification reviews for new construction.
2. Develop guarantee requirements to facilitate high-performance building envelope projects, including establishing airtightness standards and quality assurance protocols.
3. Pre-qualify and select the appropriate products for the work.
4. Plan the remediation/improvement work and determine performance compliance requirements.
5. Develop a bid scope for the remediation/improvement work. This includes product selection, detailing, and distribution of responsibilities.
6. Pre-qualify and select contractors for the work.
7. Solicit competitive bids for all aspects of the work not provided by the Owner. This work will be coordinated with the owner, the Architect, and/or the General Contractor (when required).
8. Participate in the bid opening, review contractor pricing and submittals, and contractor selection.
9. After the contract is signed, oversee the work and provide quality assurance procedures as required to assure compliance with the established performance criteria.
10. When the remediation work is complete, perform a follow-up blower door test, or other appropriate performance compliance testing, to determine if we need to go any further down the list of priorities to cost-effectively reduce or eliminate your air-leakage problems.

Other Owner Services include:

    Project design and planning support

  • Material and installation specification development (foam, air barrier, insulation, quality assurance, etc.)
  • Architectural detailing for high-performance enclosures
  • Codes and standards compliance assessments
  • Foam and air/vapor (A/V) barrier product/material qualification and selection
  • Air barrier modeling and airtightness standard development
  • Budget development and value pricing assessments
  • Submittals development and reviews
  • Cost- reduction programs for high-performance buildings
    General building performance and diagnostic inspections

  • Visual evaluations
  • Infrared thermography
  • Blower door testing
  • Material testing
  • Third-party report, blower door test, and infrared thermography interpretations
    Project planning/management

  • Contractor pre-qualification and selection support
  • Bid specification, forms, and solicitations
  • Contract development and negotiation
  • Project management
    Building envelope commissioning

  • Field inspections of building envelope and foam installations
  • Building performance and quality assurance testing
  • Quality assurance testing (Materials, Theatrical fog, Blower Door, Infrared, etc.)
  • Compliance testing
    Problem solving and insurance situations (building envelope/science problems):

  • Field inspections of building envelope and foam installation problems
  • Diagnostic testing and remediation planning for ice dams, moisture, freeze-ups, etc.
  • Contract and documentation reviews for liability assessment
  • Remediation planning and protocols
  • Expert testimony

References available upon request for diagnostic services and turn-key energy improvement projects.