Contractor selection

I am frequently asked by architects and owners “who should I have install foam on my project?”  Responding to these questions raises concerns about recommending any one installer.  In additioin to some contractors having equipment and experience capabilities, others specialize in certain types of work or have contractual agreements with manufacturers to install only one product.  Therefore, the best installer for one project, may not be the best for another.  To address this question in a systematic way, a database of information about the foam products and installers that are currently serving the market place was created.  A computer program that can query this data was developed to provide the means of pre-qualifying and ranking  contractors.

The Pre-Q application identifies installers that serve the project’s geographic area, have experience with the selected products, and have the necessary skills, equipment, and training to perform quality installation work with the minimum risk of problems.  This system considers installer qualifications in the following general categories:

  • Business strength and practices
  • Typical pricing
  • Service area and maximum project size
  • Equipment/processing capabilities
  • Material processing capabilities
  • The types of installations they do on a regular basis
  • Applications that they have experience with
  • Training and certification credentials
  • Quality control protocols they use or have available
  • Safety protocols employed for their technicians and the work site

This approach is ultimately aimed at allowing owners and designers to make informed decisions when selecting the most appropriate products and the most qualified installers for their projects.  Using this system is also a front-line strategy for preventing foam installation problems that are becoming more common in the industry due to the increased number of new entries into the market place while the industry is still lacking adequate standards and/or a widely used certification process.

If you would like know more about the Pre-Q database application, please feel free to contact me at 802-222-7740, or E-mail me at  If you already know you would like to use the Pre-Q system for your project(s), just let me know and I will forward you the Project Information Survey and information about Pre-Q agreement options.