Foam inspections

Foam inspection services are available for building envelope commissioning, for third-party quality assurance during foam installations, and for projects with foam problems.  These inspection services often evolve into a role as an expert witness in situations where the problem cannot be addressed by the Foam Installer, or when the Installer is being accused of performing an improper installation.

  1. Submittals reviews
  2. Quality assurance testing
  3. Analyzing foam problems
  4. Testing foam materials
  5. Foam remediation
  6. Expert witness

Expert witness services

Foam commissioning and working on foam problems often leads to performing a role as an expert witness.   Being an expert witness for owners, contractors, insurance companies, and attorneys involves analyzing the installation and determining what created the problem.    This requires a knowledge of the foam chemistry, the equipment used to process the raw materials, and how a typical installation progresses from receipt of the drums to maintaining the proper conditions during the cure period.  Ultimately, the goal is to quickly be able to provide enough information to react to a situation safely, and create a plan for remediating the problem while avoiding a litigious relationship between the parties.  Well-founded, accurate information about the cause and means and methods for rectifying a problem are important to assigning responsibility and developing a cost-effective plan for a resolution.  Early involvement in the process provides an answer to the cause question which often results in an expedient response by the installer or his insurance carrier and prevents lawsuits.

Given Mr. Fennell’s unique 45-year background in foam manufacturing and foam installation, combined with his experience and training as an architect and consultant, he can easily see most projects from all of the critical perspectives, and provide professional reporting and remediation planning advice.