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As a foam contractor and consultant in the industry for more than thirty years, I have quality controlled and remediated hundreds of foam installations. Foam problems can evolve from a number of sources, and recognizing and verifying these sources is a significant part of what remediation is all about. It is important to determine if the problem was caused by the chemicals themselves, or by poor installation technique, lack of quality assurance protocols, inadequate follow-up during the cure period, and/or building science issues.

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What type of foam is it (brand, system, open-cell or closed-cell, kit foam or bulk spray foam, etc.)?

Are you occupying the space? Did the Installer say it was OK to re-occupy the building?

What are the symptoms that indicate a problem with the foam material?

Are there any symptoms that indicate there may be a health issue related to the foam installation?

Are the symptoms everywhere, or just in certain areas?

Does the foam have an odor (in the room, when you cut it, only in certain areas, etc.)?

How big of an area seems to be affected?

What were the conditions inside the building like when the foam was installed? Outside?

What does the Installer say is happening?