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As a recognized member of the foam industry for years, I am frequently asked by architects and owners “Which foam brand or product is the best” for their project, and, “Who should I have install it?” Responding to these questions raises concerns about recommending any one polyurethane foam product as there are a number of quality products on the market, and one type of foam is not the most appropriate for all applications.

Please fill out the questionnaire below so that I may have a better understanding of your upcoming projects and needs. I will contact you to arrange a consultation so that I can help select the right product for your foam application.





What is the purpose of the foam? Insulation, vapor control, water management, air sealing, sound control, etc.?

Which areas of the building enclosure need to have foam installed (roof, walls, floors, etc.)

Are there any known substrate compatibility concerns?

Are there standards other than code requirements that you have to meet?

Are there performance standards that the foam has to achieve (air leakage rate, R-value, vapor permeance, total heating and/or cooling load, etc.)?

Do you have any product preferences?

Does your installer have a preferred product?

Are there any environmental attributes you want to take into account in your choice?

Is manufacturer support important to you?

Is product safety a concern?