For Architects & Engineers

As an architect, I have specialized in supporting the design and implementation of many types of high-performance buildings.  Following is an overview of the building enclosure and foam commissioning services that I provide.  Of course, more detail is available for each topic, and I welcome the opportunity to provide more information for any or all of these services at your convenience.

Henri Fennell, CSI/CDT

  1. General building envelope design services
    1. Architectural plan and detail reviews and drawings
      1. R-value verification
      2. Air barrier continuity
      3. Buildability
      4. Building science appropriateness
    2. Architectural specification reviews and writing
      1. Code compliance
      2. Intent communication
      3. Submittals requirements (including performance guarantees)
      4. Quality assurance protocols
      5. Verification and compliance protocol
    3. Water and flashing design review
    4. Moisture, dew point, and drying potential design support
    5. Roof/attic ventilation studies and design for passive and active systems
  2. High-performance air barrier design services
    1. Air barrier system modeling
    2. Setting air barrier performance standards
    3. Air barrier (AB) Specification Section consolidation
    4. AB material specifications (proprietary, performance, or selected products)
    5. Inspections and qualitative testing services
    6. AB Compliance testing
  3. Integrated design services
    1. Building envelope and HVAC system design optimization
    2. HVAC right-sizing support, load calculations
  4. Building performance (energy)
    1. High-performance building detail and specification reviews
    2. Performance specifications and guarantees
    3. Air barrier modeling
    4. Setting air barrier performance standards
    5. Building envelope commissioning
    6. Compliance protocols
    7. In-house building envelope (BE) and building science training
    8. Cost- reduction program development and management for high-performance buildings
  5. Products, assemblies, and systems
    1. Building assembly, system, and product specifications
    2. Assembly and product research (including compatibility, QA)
    3. Product qualification and selection
    4. Code compliance reviews
    5. Product installation specifications and standard work requirements
    6. Submittals reviews
  6. Quality assurance and testing
    1. Air barrier kick-off meetings and educational support for Contractors
    2. Quality assurance protocol specifications
    3. Field inspections of air barriers, insulation, and foam installations
    4. Quality assurance testing (materials, theatrical fog, blower door, IR thermography, adhesion, etc.)
    5. Mockup, first-instance and compliance testing
  7. Contract support
    1. Contractor qualification and selection for project bid solicitations
    2. Administer projects with air-tightness standards (air barrier installation oversight)
    3. Budget development and estimating