Installer selection


As you may already know, I have been providing installation and consulting services to the construction and foam industries for many years.  My service offerings to Owners and Architects include design support, product and contractor selection, bid development and implementation, submittal reviews, project inspections, and quality assurance oversight and testing.  One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from them is “Can you give me a list of qualified foam installers I can contact for my project?”

Here is what I consider when selecting a qualified installer:

  • Business strength and practices
  • Has adequate liability and pollution insurance
  • Typical pricing
  • Service area and maximum project size
  • Equipment capabilities
  • Material types that can be processed
  • The types of installations they do on a regular basis
  • Applications that they have experience with
  • Training and certification credentials
  • Quality control protocols they use or have available
  • Safety protocols employed for their technicians and the work site

This approach is ultimately aimed at preventing installation problems that are becoming more common in the industry due to the increased number of new entries into the market place while the industry is still lacking adequate standards and a viable certification process.

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