Major Projects

  1. Autonomous Remote Research Observatory (ARRO) ARRO 2
    • Client: Cold Regions Research Environmental Laboratory (2005)
    • Work: Product Development, Commissioning, Quality Assurance
    • Net-zero Energy facility
    • Location: McMurdo, Antarctica
  2. American Skiing Company, Inc. ASC Jordan Whole hotel under ice
    • Client: Mount Snow Grand Summit Hotel, Killington Grand Mountain Hotel, Sunday River Grand Summit Hotel, Attitash Grand Summit Hotel (2001-2007)
    • Ice dam remediation
    • Engineer: Criterium Mooney Engineering
    • Work: Diagnostics, Quality Assurance, and Monitoring
    • Locations: Dover, VT; Killington, VT; Bethel, ME; Bartlett, NH
    • ASC Mt Snow _ penetrations galore

  3. AVA Gallery (2006)AVA Gallery; Lebanon, NH
    • Architect: Banwell Architects (Adaptive reuse)
    • LEED Consultant: Jordan Institute (Gold)
    • Engineer: Steffensen Engineering Associates, Inc.
    • Contractor: Trumbull-Nelson Construction Company
    • Work: Commissioning, Compliance Testing,  and Quality Assurance
    • Location: Lebanon, NH
  4. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (2002)Mvc-028f
    • Architect: Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum
    • Contractor: ACI/ MDI Joint Venture
    • Work: Quality Assurance Testing
    • Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Specialized insulation)
    • Outside 1

  5. Kendal at Hanover (1994-1995)before and after 2
    • Architect: Architecture Incorporated (Ice dam remediation)
    • Building Science: Building Science Corporation
    • Work: Diagnostics and Quality Assurance Testing
    • Location: Hanover, NH
  6. kendal_master_planning1

  7. Green Woodlands (2008-2009)


    • Architect: Banwell Architects (Green demonstration)
    • LEED Consultant: Jordan Institute (Platinum)
    • Engineer: Peterson Engineering, Inc.
    • Work: Commissioning and Quality Assurance
    • Location: Orford, NH
    • gw_Sept_10_2008_035

  8. Merrimack Valley School District 34 Ext Entry A-5
    • Architect: Banwell Architects
    • Clients: Merrimack Valley Middle School, High
    • School, and Loudon Elementary (2006-2007)
    • Contractor: Hutter Construction
    • Engineer: GWR Engineering P.C.
    • Work: Commissioning, Compliance Testing, and Quality Assurance Testing (CRP project)
    • Location: Merrimack, NH ($.13/sq. ft. annual heating cost)
  9. Mount Washington Place (1996)attic roof melt pattern - several units
    • Architect: William A. Halsey
    • Ice dam remediation
    • Contractor:  Crawford Management Group, Inc.
    • Work: Diagnostics and Quality Assurance
    • Location: Twin Mountain, NH
  10. Park Avenue Armory (2009)PAA Promo IMG_2611
    • Architect: Platt Byard Dovell White Architects, LLP
    • Engineer: Atkinson Koven Feinber Engineers
    • Transsolar, Inc. (Energy upgrade)
    • Steven Winter Associates, Inc.
    • Work: Baseline Diagnostics
    • Location: New York, NY

  11. Richmond Middle School (2006)DSCN0027
    • Architect: Banwell Architects (H-P school)
    • Contractor: Eckman Construction
    • Engineer: Engineering Ventures
    • Work: Commissioning, Compliance Testing, and Quality Assurance Testing
    • Location: Hanover, NH

  12. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (2007 & 2008)080815 016
    • Architect: Wank Adams Slavin Associates, LLP
    • Contractor: F.J. Sciame Construction Co., Inc.
    • Engineer: Robert Silman Associates, P.C. (Moisture remediation)
    • Atkinson Koven Feinberg Engineers, LLP
    • Building Science: William B. Rose and Associates
    • Work: Commissioning and Quality Assurance
    • Location: New York, NY

  13. The Big Dig (2007 & 2008)aerial1
    • Contractor: Commonwealth Construction, Inc.
    • The largest-ever frozen-earth retaining project
    • Work: Method and Quality Assurance
    • Location: Boston, MA

    • Overview from crane