Panelized and timber-framed projects

Successful panelized construction requires close coordination between the structural frame design/layout and the panel layout.  Overall performance relies on the panel-to-panel joint design and the transitions with windows and doors, foundation, and the wall-to-roof intersection.  Custom panels are sometimes required for whole buildings in extreme climates, or in localized areas for special structural needs, internal mechanical systems, or interior finishes.  Based on planning and implementing over one-hundred timber-framed and panelized projects, HCF provides the following services for these projects:

  1. Panelized vs. stick construction decision making
  2. Panel product selection
  3. Custom panel design
  4. Timber frame layout (including CADD drawings and material lists)
  5. Panel details
  6. Panel layout (including CADD drawings, material lists, and sequencing schedule)
  7. Wiring layouts
  8. Window and door schedules
  9. Panel and/or framing product specifications
  10. Air sealing instructions and product specifications
  11. Installation specifications
  12. Airtightness testing

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