Project Planning Services

  1. Turn-key foam installations
  2. For Owners and Building Operators
  3. For Architects and Engineers
  4. For General Contractors
  5. For Foam Installers
  6. For Manufacturers
  7. The Cost Reduction Protocol
  8. Applications

These support services have been provided to Owners, Architects, and General Contractors, as well as Foam Installers themselves, with the scope of work varying from turn-key foam installations  for Owners, to simply design reviews or quality assurance testing.

In the current industry environment, I have been involved in a number of projects where the Owner, Architect, or General Contractor has reservations about using foam due to the stories of problem installations that are circulating throughout the construction industry.  These consumers are concerned that without an established ANSI standard for installations in a price-driven economy, they will become victims of an inappropriate product selection or an inexperienced Foam Installer.  As a long-term member of the foam industry, with no allegiance to one supplier or stake in the outcome of the competitive-bid process, I can provide impartial planning and oversight services that assure the purchase of a quality material and installation.