Quality Control Methods for Foam Installers

Course Description/Abstract

The recent increase in problems occurring during spray polyurethane foam installations has emphasized the need to inform foam installers about methods for quality assuring their work. It is important for installers to be familiar with best-practice and quality assurance protocols for an industry which still does not have ANSI standards for installations. This program reviews best practices and several test methods and equipment add-ons that can be used to guarantee quality in foam plastic installations.

This presentation makes use of a collage of examples from projects of various building uses and types to demonstrate what can go wrong in a foam installation, and how to avoid those problems.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to recommend that clients use a comprehensive set of minimum requirements for project documentation that is necessary to create a level playing field for bidders while ensuring a quality installation.

Participants will know what indicators of product quality to look for and how to perform on-site testing for product density, adhesion, pass thickness, and dimensional stability.

Participants will be able to employ QC equipment that reduces foam problems.