Specification reviews

The architectural specification review process is intended to verify that:

  1. The specifications clearly convey the intent of the design.
  2. The specifications define all of the components of the building envelope and the      function of each component.
  3. The specifications are scientifically correct and adequate to avoid building envelope failures.
  4. The specifications comply with all applicable codes and standards.
  5. The specifications are well coordinated with the architectural details and never      create a conflict within the contract documents or with all applicable codes and standards.
  6. The specifications provide a basis for materials and assemblies that are not only effective when the building is new, but will be durable for the life of the building.  The durability of assemblies is critical to avoiding premature deterioration of the      building.
  7. The specifications include the methods of installation for each building enclosure      component.
  8. The specifications include minimum performance standards for all building enclosure components.
  9. The specifications include quality assurance procedures and address sequencing      issues related to these procedures.

Related services available include:

  1. Researching products that meet the design criteria.
  2. Writing specific product specification sections.
  3. Writing quality assurance protocols for the building assemblies in the design.