Spray foam commissioning

This consulting option goes beyond just planning to provide a package of services that comprise a complete foam installation process, from the design to the final certification. The general scope of a turn-key project is typically as follows:

  1. Evaluate the site conditions, constraints, and the project goals.
  2. Design a code and standards compliant installation that will meet all building science and project criteria.
  3. Pre-qualify foam products and support the Client in selecting the right one for their installation.
  4. Pre-qualify Foam Installers and support the Client in selecting the right one for their application, or a list of qualified Foam Installers if a bid process will be used.
  5. Develop a set of work specifications if a bid process will not be used.
  6. Develop a bid specification including a comprehensive list of submittals that will assure project quality and code/standards compliance if a bid process will be used.
  7. Develop a set of bid solicitation forms and cover letter.
  8. Support the Client in selecting a qualified bidder.
  9. Review the Foam Installer’s submittals and support the Client in the approval process.
  10. Support the Client during the preparation and installation work.
  11. Provide quality control inspection and testing as required for the foam materials and the installation.
  12. Certify the installation and review the post-installation submittals/documentation provided by the Foam Installer. Support the Client in the approval process.

The turn-key package is typically provided to support Owners or Building Operators who do not have the expertise or time to design and implement a successful foam installation project without professional support. However, any combination of these services can be packaged for a Client who does have some of the capabilities listed above. Please contact Henri for more information about any of these procedures or to develop a custom foam installation package.  Note that these packages may also include related work such as fire protection coatings, air sealing, or performance testing.