Technical Support

Technical Support (TS) includes developmental and research activities for the industry, as well as a 24/7 technical resource for On-call clients.  Past TS projects fall into the following major categories:

  • For Owners and Building Operators

On-call technical resource
Foam project planning
Turn-key foam installations
Process equipment & infrastructure planning

  • For Architects & Engineers

See A&E planning
On-call technical resource
Air barrier modeling

  • For General Contractors

QA for foam installations
Specialty applications
On-call technical resource

  • For Foam Installers

Pre-qualification reports for your Customers
Installer training
Specialty applications
Product pre-qualification services
Foam project management training
Using an SOP system for quality management
Third-party quality assurance and testing
Custom processing equipment design
Custom rig design
Remote location delivery systems
Process monitoring systems
QA for foam installations
Written safety plans
OSHA compliance reviews
On-call technical resources

  • For Manufacturers

Codes and standards reviews
Standards compliance
Application processing
Detail & specification development
Product Development
Product Assessment
Specialty Applications
CADD drawings
Field inspections, troubleshooting
On-call technical resource

  • Product Assessments

Patent development support